godaddy online bookkeeping login

You can specify entries as billable and create invoices from the time entry screen. But there’s no drop-down list for the client name; you have to start typing until the correct one comes up. And you can’t choose from a list of the time entries you’ve created as items—you can only enter notes describing the entry and provide the rate each time. Editors’ Choice FreshBooks includes a timer, and it also allows contractor access for time tracking within projects, as well as other team collaboration tools. Not only do recurring invoices keep your income steady, but they are also a great fit for several types of businesses.

godaddy online bookkeeping login

Additionally, you’ll be able to manage sales taxes, multiple currencies, multiple businesses, a variety of reports, and even connect Wave’s paid payments or payroll add-ons if you so choose. With GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you can not only invoice and accept payments but also track mileage and time and prepare tax worksheets as well. For freelancers and contractors who need to bill based on time and mileage, these tools will be particularly useful. godaddy online bookkeeping login Plus, with the complexities involved in self-employment taxes, GoDaddy Bookkeeping’s tax features will help business owners simplify and manage that process. Thanks to its Android app and iOS app, GoDaddy Bookkeeping also lets you stay on top of your money when you’re out of the office. Both versions offer a dashboard that lists balances for your accounts and other key numbers, like profit or loss, income and expenses, estimates, and time.

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GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping takes the bulk of the work out of your hands. By connecting your accounts, GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping automatically updates and imports all your receipts, transactions, and invoices. This will allow you to rest easy and simply run your business without any manual entries or time-consuming spreadsheets. With options like Wave, Zoho Books, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and more—there are both free accounting software solutions, as well as more feature-rich platforms—that may be able to serve you better than GoDaddy. Another downside of GoDaddy Bookkeeping is regardless of which of the three plans you choose, you’ll only ever be able to attach a single user to your account. Therefore, if you want a business partner, employee, or even business accountant to take a look at your bookkeeping, you’ll have to let them use your account information—which is not ideal for security.

Now that you have an overview of how the GoDaddy Bookkeeping service works, let’s dive into the details. You may have heard of GoDaddy before in another context—as the domain hosting service for small business websites. Go directly to the sign-in page to sign in to your GoDaddy account, or follow the steps below. While Less Accounting offers the most variety when it comes to reporting, GoDaddy does not have a bad selection of reporting templates.

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GoDaddy Bookkeeping offers a handful of reports, including Invoice Status, Your Spending, and Top Items—in some cases, as charts or tables. It does, however, include a Schedule C Worksheet, which is unique in this group. GoDaddy Bookkeeping’s Premium level lets you schedule invoices to repeat automatically, a trait not commonly found in entry-level accounting websites.

Once you’ve selected the plan you’d like to purchase, and have successfully added it to your cart, you can then choose the length of duration for your plan — from one month to 60 months. There’s no need to fear faulty security, GoDaddy Bookkeeping uses the same type of security measures most banks do, protecting your data from hackers and viruses. We’ve reached the conclusion of our GoDaddy Bookkeeping review—and therefore, the final decision is up to you. Therefore, with these limitations, it’s hard to say that GoDaddy is a preferable option to some of the more robust (and even free) solutions out there. Although we listed price as one of GoDaddy Bookkeeping’s top benefits, it’s worth considering that its price can be a downside as well.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Get Paid Plan

Any service-based business or freelancer who bills for a fixed number of hours would find this plan effective. Ecommerce stores that offer subscription services, or any business that offers education or training can utilize this tool as a subscription or membership service. This plan makes it simple to charge customers for any services that occur on a renewed and regular basis.

  • Invoices you’ve already created are available for viewing; you can check their status and create new ones.
  • Not only do recurring invoices keep your income steady, but they are also a great fit for several types of businesses.
  • You can set up automated notifications when an invoice is due and when payment is received.
  • Now that we’ve gone through the features and pricing of each of the three plans, let’s continue our GoDaddy Bookkeeping review by discussing the pros and cons of this software.
  • Firstly, sign up for a free trial of Link My Books and connect all your sales channels and your new QuickBooks account (or Xero if you choose to use them instead).